Meet Doctor Access ....

Doctor Access First, I would like to sincerely thank you for taking your time to visit this web page to get acquainted with me.

My name is Byron Polk. I am an Access Database Application Developer with over 18 years experience using the RAD (Rapid Application Development) features of Access®, the database application included in the Professional version of the Microsoft Office Suite®.

I was given my Doctor Access title by a contact with one of my clients, when she called, she simply asked, “Is Doctor Access available?”    From that point forward, the nick name stuck.    To find out what this client and other have had to say about my services please visit my “Client Comments” page.

Just a little history:

I started working with Access® 2.0 as part of a project to develop a facility management system while working at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.    As a result of my successful work on this project, I was asked to develop and teach a course on “Facility Management Using AutoCad and Access” at a local community college.

I have now successfully completed the development and deployment of database applications in every version of Access® from 2.0 through 2010 for many clients like: Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, The University Southwest Medical School, Nortel, Southland Corporation, KPMG, BNSF Railroad, UniTrin Insurance Comopany, Mid-America Mortgage, Carriker Corporation, Ryan & Company, Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Verizon, Haggar Clothing Co., Hunt Petroleum, Shell Oil and FedEx.

Please feel free to send me an email at: draccess@askdoctoraccess.

Again, thank you for visiting my personal web page.


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