Providing or assisting with the table design or structure of the actual container that will hold the data is another of the real strengths of Doctor Access.

One of, if not the most critical element in the development of any relational database application is the design of the actual table structure that will hold the data.    This is called “normalization”.    This may seem like a very straight forward and simple process, but actually it is one of the primary reasons that database applications fail to provide the functionality required by the end user.

Overlooking strategic data structure requirements during the normalization process can be very costly later in the project.    In fact, missing critical requirements here can prevent or at a minimum seriously impair certain functionality requirements of the database application.

Unfortunately, this process is one of the most neglected in the database application development process.    If you are having problems getting your database to provide the functionality you expected, you may need to take a second look at the structural design of your database.    This is where help and training from Doctor Access can be a real life saver.

Doctor Access can not only evaluate your database table structure, but, when issues with normalization are found, can also provide suggestions that will improve the functionality of the database.

So, if you are having issues with your database and even suspect that there may be data structure, you might just save yourself a lot of time and frustration by getting a second opinion.

Before you decide that help and training in database table design and structure in Access® offered here by Doctor Access is not for you, you owe it to yourself to find out first hand if you can really benefit form using the services of Doctor Access.

Pleae be assured that there is no cost or obligation of any kind for you to finding out if these services provide the right solution for you and your project.    To help you evaluate the potential benefit of using my services, all you need to do is send an email to: draccess@askdoctoraccess.    Just put “Evaluate Services” in the subject line and then provide an overview of your issues in the body of your email.    This will alert us that you are in need of some help and/or training with the design of your Access®: database and that you want to find out if this will work for you.    Not only will you receive a response for Doctor Access, but a free (up to 30 minute) trial meeting can be setup at your convenience so you can actually experience first hand how a training session would be like.    During this free trial meeting you and Doctor Access can briefly discuss your project and what your needs are. Following this free meeting you should be able to determine if the service would be beneficial to you.    If you should decide that this service is not for you, remember, you are under not obligation of any kind.

To get started with your evaluation of our personalized help, training and data normalization assistance with the use of Access®, just sent that email right now.

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