Here are some comments from clients that have received help, training and/or other services from Doctor Access.

 FP&A Manager, Campoin Insurance Company, Dublin, Ireland

I met Byron through an access forum and at first, was slightly dubious about using an access developer in the States as I am based in Ireland so there was the obvious time differences. This aside, after my first initial consultation with Byron, I was delighted with his professionalism and friendly approach to my requirements, so much so that I engaged Byron's services on two projects. No issue was too small and Byron always replied promptly and was always available for a "GoToMeeting" when I was not eloquent enough to describe what it was I was actually looking for via email. I now consider Byron to be my first port of call on anything Access and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Byron to anyone, I look forward to working with Byron again in the future as it was genuinely a pleasure working with him.


Manager Ad Valorem Tax Department, Hunt Petroleum, Dallas, TX

We have worked with Byron Polk in the development of an Access program for the rendering and payment of Ad Valorem (personal property) taxes in several states.    Mr. Polk has accomplished this task on a work at home bases. The process has worked out successfully for both parties.    We would not have any problem in using him in the future on this bases.


Katherine F., Chicago, IL

I'm an intermediate Access developer on a good day and needed a knowledgeable Access developer/guru who could simultaneously assist me with database development and training for two challenging projects with tight deadlines.

Byron repeatedly performed under these conditions with excellence on each occasion and helped my projects reach professional levels that were not possible without him.

I rarely give glowing endorsements. However, I've worked with multiple access developers and found Byron to be at the top of the list for the combination of personal dependability; development speed and deliverable reliability over time.    He is also very resourceful.    On the very few occasions that he didn't have a requirement's solution ready, he could develop one with surprising speed.

Byron will continue to be a valuable resource on future projects as I aspire to become a senior Access developer/independent consultant.

I heartily recommend Byron's ability to deliver on any level of access project to which he commits.


John G., Northern Illinois University

My experience with Byron far exceeded my expectation.    In my first real world project I found myself stuck on some problems that were rather complex and required an expert's advice.    After an invite from Byron I had my first session that very same day to consult with me on my problems.    Although I was a bit sketchy about the situation at first because almost anymore can set up a website and tell you that they are a "Dr of Access", I have to tell you that within the first 5 minutes of our session I already knew I made the right choice.    From the start he mentored me on more professional ways to not only design my database but also to help maintain for the future.    These are things that I never learned in any of my classes coming through school, so learning from a professional completely opened my eyes to the power of Access.    He answered every question I had and threw in more suggestions that blew me away.    When I logged off of our session I honestly learned more working with Byron then I did in my 400 level Database class.    Not only that but he recorded our session and gave me the file so that way if I ever got stuck on that very same problem I can now always go back to review how we fixed it.    Overall, I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience and if I had to rate it on a scale of 10 my experience was easily a 10/10.    I look forward to future learning sessions with 'Dr. Access' and I hope my experience helps bring insight to how truly powerful on a couple sessions with him can be.    Thank you again Byron!!


George E., London, UK

I just took sometime today to write you with a testimonial because I feel as though you deserve one.

I am a young software developer, and was stuck on an Access Project that levied on my career.

I turned to Byron for help. Not only did he help me to develop to the exact requirements, he also gave me professional advise.

He did above what I expected of him.    I now see him as a critical contact in the IT industry and also a great friend.    I look forward to working with him again in the future.


Brenda, Alberta, Canada

A quick note to express my gratitude for your assistance with my MS Access project.    I was under a tight deadline with numerous other items to take care of and you came through!

Although you had suggestions for improvement, you did not just go ahead and do them and then charge me.    What you delivered for the time was more than I expected.    I so appreciate the time you took with me on the phone explaining and training me on the application.


Manager Grain Operations, BNSF Railway, Ft. Worth, TX

Byron came to BNSF and developed quick solutions for a variety of needs, in Marketing as well as Operations.    He work with users (subject matter experts) to capture their needs, and do the development.    For BNSF, this meant various database solutions to manage processes, many reports, requiring integration with MS office products, as well as other systems.

For our group, Grain Operations, he rescued a project gone wrong.    To put it in perspective, the Grain business unit recorded a Billion dollars in profit last year.    The order system which manages all unit grain shipments, was being re-written.    New screens were in varying degrees of completion and functionality.    Byron stepped in and fixed code, changed database structure, changed and added new forms.    He added forms and functionality needed to manage new business processes.    He was quick to understand a complicated business, and creative in finding solutions.

A couple of integration items (sidelights, but very effective in reducing clerical work) were: He linked spreadsheets to a database, so that when you open the sheet, VBA code ran (accessing a database) and populated the whole form.    He also linked a spreadsheet which had lots of data from mainframe sources, to a new database.    He had it write off each cell to a field in the new database.    He also created forms in that database, so that you could select a date, and recreate the spreadsheet for that day.

I would highly recommend Dr Access for anyone that needs an accurate, timely turnaround on modifications to their MS Access projects.



My name is Dave and I met our wonderful doctor through an MS Access Forum group I belong to.    He has helped me in numerous ways with the current design and programming of my data. He paid attention to my needs, offered a more professional opinion to completing what was to be completed, and gave examples and explanations of what, how and why it was done this way.    It was not only a solution to my problem; it was an educational experience that will improve my programming experience.



Thank you so much for today's training.    It was a very professional and effective training.    You went beyond my expectation and have probably saved 6 months of my time.   I've been struggling with this database for months and so I finally decided to take one hour of training with Doctor Access.    I've never expected I could take so much out from this one hour training.   From this training, you not just SAVED MY Database life but also taught me so many other ways to improve my database design.    You'll always be my number one choice when I need helps for any future database.

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