Here is your opportunity to actually ask Doctor Access your question at no charge.

You may have a question that you just do not feel will require more than just a simple response to answer. If, in fact, your question is that simple, here is the place you can ask that question and have Doctor Access address it.

While I cannot take the time to provide detailed answers to your questions, if I can just provide a simple, one-line answer, or just give you a nudge in the right direction to get you moving along with your project, I will be happy to do just that.

Note:   Please understand that these free answers must be limited to very simple questions.    Your understanding is appreciated.

With that said, please understand that what may seem to be a very simple question may not actually be that simple and may required a more in-depth solution. If I cannot provide a simple fix or suggestion, or if even if I do provide a possible solution, I may also feel that you should expand your thinking about your project, then you might also receive a suggestion that you use my paid help and training services.

Please be assured that you will incur no expense and will be under no obligation, so send your question about using Access to: draccess@askdoctoraccess.

You will receive a response as soon as is feasibly possible.

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