Dr. Access proudly presents a website which offers a central location for users of Microsoft® Access® to find answers to their questions about the use of Access® and get help and/or training on an individual basis.

My goal is to provide users of Microsoft® Access® an avenue that will allow them to find answers to their questions or get more in-depth help and/or training when they need it.

In addition to offering my personal services to potential clients, this site will also offer:

A Blog about everything Access

I and some special guest contributors will discuss things of interest to us and hopefully also of interest to other Access users.    My plan is to write about all phases of the use of Access, offering something for beginners and professional users as well.    Please bookmark my Blog address and plan to stop by regularly.

Downloadable Example Files

This area of my website will be updated with free downloadable sample database files and other content from time to time. I hope you will find these samples very useful.

Step-By-Step Tutorials

I plan to provide step-by-step tutorials that will start out with very basic usage of Access and then work my way through the more intense processes of developing a completely functional Access database Application.    I plan to include links to existing information on the web.    These tutorials will include instruction in database design (normalization), form design (user interface), basic query development and design (data retrieval), VBA coding (for process control and automation), report creation (output) and even deployment (distribution).

I welcome your feedback on all areas of my website so please send your comments to: draccess@askdoctoraccess.

Byron Polk, aka Doctor Access

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